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SchureMed is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of operating room products specializing in surgical table accessories and positioners. Their focus is on providing innovative surgical patient positioning equipment and devices, and their design practice is centered on improving patient safety and comfort while addressing critical patient positioning challenges that surgical procedures present.

For a limited time on OpenMarkets, SchureMed is offering a 20% discount on the following equipment:

SchureLoc XPS - Easily attaches to any OR table for immediate use

E-Z Lift Beach Chair - Lightweight and cost-effective surgical beach chair that adjusts from 0-90° 

Schure Spine Frame - Provides a stable and convenient platform for spin surgeries and can be adjusted intraoperatively to get optimal surgical site exposure 

Great White Platinum Stirrups - Provide safe and quick positioning assistance for improved surgical site access

Great White Premium Stirrups - Enhanced range of motion and exclusive 3-axis control from the handle to mimic the anatomy of the human hip

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