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As supply chain leaders look to improve the buying and selling process with technology, data and collaboration, many hospitals and suppliers are turning to OpenMarkets to simplify and streamline the equipment purchasing process. Because of this, the OpenMarkets community has seen quite a few suppliers and providers join and start using The Exchange™ in the last month.

New providers joining the OpenMarkets Exchange ™ can easily find new products, manage, budget and approve capital and buy or sell preowned equipment, and suppliers are able to lower the cost-of-sale by using the insights and analysis tools to create smarter equipment transactions.

As the OpenMarkets Exchange™ continues to expand, many providers are opting to work with OpenMarkets for larger projects. Most recently, the University of Louisville Medical Center chose to purchase all their healthcare equipment for their new medical center through the OpenMarkets Exchange™.

“As OpenMarkets adds news hospitals and providers to the community, more supply chain leaders are recognizing the valuable efficiencies that OpenMarkets provides,” says Tom Derrick, Co-Founder of OpenMarkets. “Because of the growth, larger organizations, such as the University of Louisville Medical Center, are using The Exchange™ to streamline their purchases, and stretch their capital budget by 10%. We are elated by the growth, and are appreciative of the providers and suppliers who believe in the OpenMarkets’ mission.”

With that, we are excited to highlight a few of the recent providers additions to the community:

  •        Avera Health

  •        Edward Elmhurst Healcrewth

  •        Graham Regional Medical Center

  •        Granville Health System

  •        Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital

  •        Kettering Health Network

  •        Lee County Hospital

  •        Newton Medical Center

  •        Pleasant Valley Hospital

  •        Russell Medical Center

  •        Tillamook Regional Medical Center

  •        University of Texas Medical Branch

  •        University of Louisville Medical Center

  •        Sinai Health

  •        Van Wert County Hospital

As well as welcome these suppliers as new and renewed partners to the community in Q4:

-        Bryton Corp

-        Dynatronics

-        ETC Hyperbaric Chambers

-        HARD Manufacturing

-        Lakeside Manufacturing

-        Lisa Laser

  •        MarketLab

-        Master Medical Equipment

-        VWR

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