Check out the improvements yourself

Based on feedback from OpenMarkets users, we’re making several improvements to help you buy and sell equipment even easier. 

The changes outlined below will go live the week of April 1st. You can log in to OpenMarkets anytime right here.

Cleaner Dashboard
Less clutter, improved readability, and better support for screens of all sizes. 



Search Products from Anywhere
We’ve moved the product search bar to the top right of every page in the platform. This means you can now access descriptions, spec sheets, and images from over 32,000 products any page.


Simpler Way to Request Quotes & Sell Used Equipment
We’ve made it easier to describe what equipment you need to buy and sell. Gone is the old static form, replaced by a “wizard” to walk you through a more pleasant, tailored, and conversational approach. 

Simpler Request Details Page
Big, important and exciting changes to the page containing all of your information about a single request. A few highlights:

  • Consolidated “details” page - you can now see all information about your project on one page, with the most important things—communication with Suppliers and quotes received— front and center.
  • The existing Status Update is now Message All, making it clear what you can do with it. Very convenient when you want to inform potential partners about a change to funding, a change to the details about what you need, or if you want to let them know it’s final decision time and they need to send their last & final quote!


We would love your feedback on the improvements, and encourage you to use OpenMarkets for every quote, every time to experience the full power of the platform! 

Log in here anytime.

Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and marketing. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for... More about Tom Derrick