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Health-o-Meter, an Active Supplier in the OpenMarkets Community since April 2017, is one of the leading Medical Scale brands in the United States. Within the last 6 months, Health-o-Meter has further expanded their product line and added cool new features to many scales used in hospitals today.

Let’s take a look at the 4 new products and features Health-o-Meter has recently introduced:

• 4-Sided Weighing Tray on 2210KL Neonatal Scale. The new tray keeps little ones in place during weighing and can be easily removed for cleaning

New Display Head for 1100KL Platform Scale. This new feature is an easy-to-use display screen, complete with a help menu, customizable settings and a large keypad

New Scale in Digital Wet Diaper/Lap Sponge/ Organ Scale Product Line. This new product is an extension of previous models and includes a flat weighing tray previously offered as an optional accessory

• New Features and Functions for Wheelchair Scale Line. New display heads and on-screen menus create a more user-friendly experience through use of a larger keypad, longer battery life, and easy connectivity to EMR and vital sign monitors

Health-o-Meter scales are offered in a wide range of models of superior quality that can be used at any healthcare facility.

You can learn more about Health-o-Meter’s “weigh easier” culture here. If you’re one of the 94% of healthcare equipment buyers seeking online product research and deeper information on their scales, then consider using The Exchange to review product summaries, technical specs and details. Contact us anytime for credentials to use The Exchange

To be connected to a local sales rep to get a quote, simply log into The Exchange and select “Get Quote” on any Health-o-Meter product.