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Sustained customer service is a pillar of excellent companies. For the healthcare equipment suppliers, earning a spot on the OpenMarkets list of “Top Performers” indicates excellent customer service, attentiveness to detail and a proactive approach to working with providers.

Please join us in congratulating the following suppliers! Each of these organizations demonstrated perfect customer service in their communication with providers on The Exchange in the first quarter of 2018:

  1. Advanced Endoscopy Devices (AED)
  2. Alpha Distributors
  3. Alternative Source Medical
  4. Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration
  5. Capsa Healthcare
  6. Cassidy’s Proline
  7. Digirad
  8. Diversatek Healthcare
  9. Douglas Equipment
  10. Dynatronics
  11. Enova Illumination
  12. Faxitron Bioptics
  13. Fukuda Denshi USA
  14. HARD Manufacturing
  15. Harloff Company
  16. Human Care
  17. IntraMedical Imaging
  18. Konica Minolta
  19. Lakeside Manufacturing
  20. Lisa Laser USA
  21. MarketLab
  22. Medical Resources
  23. Mennen Medical
  24. Meridian
  25. Mindray
  26. Monet Medical
  27. Novum Medical Products
  28. NuAire
  29. Oakworks Solutions
  30. OrthoScan
  31. Peter Pepper Products
  32. Philips Healthcare
  33. Quantum Medical
  34. Roche Diagnostics
  35. STAXI
  36. STERIS Corporation
  37. Sunnex, Inc.
  38. Surgical Direct
  39. TB&A Hospital Television
  40. Trisonics
  41. VWR

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Hanna Panella

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