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B2B buying is changing. Business buyers are going online before reaching out to sales reps. And yes, this is true in the healthcare supply chain too. 

Let’s look at some key stats from B2B Online1:

  • 87% of B2B buyers buy through Marketplaces (Amazon, etc.)
  • 84% of B2B buyers use digital channels for RFI’s

Statistics from HIMSS show that healthcare is actually ahead of other industries in the shift to B2B digital buying channels. Witness:

  • 94% of healthcare equipment buyers research product features online first
  • 90% of healthcare equipment buyers identify suppliers online
  • 82% compare products online2 

This is the new normal in healthcare. Buyers expect product information to be online and accessible in the platforms they use. 

Why Equipment Buyers are Turning to The Exchange for Product Research 

The OpenMarkets Exchange is quickly becoming the preferred online destination for equipment product research (updates on growth here and here).

Research medical equipment on OpenMarkets to save time and gain valuable product insight from Tom Derrick on Vimeo.

A main reason The Exchange is used for product research is the presence of our curated catalog of 30,000+ equipment products. This catalog contains the key information needed for in initial research. 

Steven Stoops, Purchasing Director at Seneca Healthcare District Hospital lays out why he uses OpenMarkets for product research in a recent case study on their work with Harloff:

The clinicians came to us requesting 18 Armstrong carts,” said Stoops. “I love the clinicians, but know they don’t have time to fully research options. So I jumped on The Exchange to ensure we’d have the opportunity to vet multiple suppliers and find the right product.

How to Research Products on The Exchange

It’s simple: use the search box at the top of the page and dive into details on any product. Let’s look at the first few X-Ray results:

Now let’s take a look at this product listing from Spectrum Dynamics

This listing has just the right amount of key information: 

  • Overview of the equipment
  • Technical specs
  • Dimensions
  • Collateral and case studies

Once you see a product fitting your needs, simply click Get Quotes in the upper right hand corner to be connected to the supplier. This is an incredibly simple way for clinical department directors, supply chain leaders and biomed team members to research equipment and get pricing.

Case Study 

On May 9th, Danielle M. from Southeast Orthopedic Associates logged into the Exchange and typed in “OR Lights” in the product search bar. From here, Danielle clicked on three separate products to review pictures, spec sheets and the concise descriptions.  She ended up creating a request for Bryton surgical lights and received a quote from the local sales rep in The Exchange that same day. 

The Exchange also connected Danielle to other surgical light suppliers from the OpenMarkets Community, including STERIS, Amico & SUNNEX. Danielle ended up with 3 quotes, all presented to her in an organized fashion in the OpenMarkets Exchange. 


Healthcare equipment buyers are doing product research online first. Suppliers who embrace this new paradigm are truly putting the customer first

Healthcare providers can Get Started on The Exchange at no cost.  

Supplier organizations interested in listing their products on The Exchange can learn more here and reach out to our team anytime.    

1 | B2B Online report, “The Next Generation of B2B Purchasing | Marketplaces & Digital Buying Preferences. 2018

2 | “The Doctor will see you now: How hospital administrators make purchase Decisions.” Google & HIMSS, 2013 

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