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Over 800 healthcare providers use The OpenMarkets Exchange to buy and sell medical equipment. Here’s some of the frequently-asked-questions we hear from our Community. 


Q: What is the OpenMarkets Exchange?

A: The OM Exchange is a transparent and data-centric platform connecting providers and suppliers to save time and money spent on equipment procurement. 

Q: Why should I use The Exchange?

A: The Exchange leverages data, collaboration, and simplicity, allowing you to easily research products, get quotes, connect with suppliers, find the right products at the right price, and stay organized through point-of-purchase.

Q: What equipment can I buy on The Exchange?

A: The Exchange has a growing product database currently at 30,000 products! You can buy clinical equipment, non-clinical equipment, furniture, electronics, and more.

Q: Can I sell equipment on The Exchange?

A: Absolutely! Buyers give cash offers and cover the cost of shipping on items listed for sale. Imaging equipment, surgical equipment, pumps, monitors, and many other products sell very well on The Exchange.

Q: How does The Exchange work with my GPO?

A: The Exchange works with any GPO. As a Provider, you can specify your GPO on any request and suppliers will provide pricing and T&C’s according to their contracts.  



Q: Where can I sign-up for The Exchange?

A: Fill out this form. Or send us an email at and an OpenMarkets representative will contact you within 24 hours to set up your account.

Q: Where do I login?

A: Click here to login now.

Q: How can I reset my password?                                         

A: Click here to reset your password


USING THE EXCHANGE- Creating + Closing Requests

Q: I can’t find my product. What do I do?

A: No need to worry! Simply search by “Category” on the quote request form and select the option that best fits your product. Then, enter the product name/model and any supplementary information in the “General Notes” section of the form.

Q: I need a quote from a specific supplier. Can I add them?

A: Yes! Let us know when creating your request what suppliers you’d like included under “Internal Details” and we will connect them for you.

Q: How can I change information on my request?

A: Open the request on your dashboard & select “Edit Details” under “Supplier Conversations”. Once you do this, the quote request form will re-open for you to adjust. Save your changes and you’re good to go!

Q: How can my colleague also respond on my requests?

A: The Exchange has a feature to add teammates- aka other users who can read and respond on requests. On the right side of the request page, you will see a text box to enter a teammate’s email. Add your colleagues’ email into this box & submit. They will receive a notification once added and will have full access to the request. You can do this on as many requests as necessary.

Q: How do I close out a request?

A: When closing out a request you have two options. On the right-hand side of your request page you will see the buttons- “Award Business” (in green) & “Archive Request” (in red).

  • If you’ve purchased the requested product: Select “Award Business” & upload your PO
  • If you are no longer planning to purchase: Select “Archive Request”

Once this is completed, the attached suppliers will be notified, and the request will be removed from all parties’ dashboards.


USING THE EXCHANGE- Interacting with Suppliers

Q: Why do suppliers opt-out of my request?

A: When connecting you with suppliers, we match you with all who claim they can provide equipment in specific categories. If a supplier is connected and unable to meet your specifications, they will opt-out of the request to remove themselves as a candidate.

Q: How will I know when I get a response from a supplier?

A: There’s two ways you’ll know: via email and in-platform. Your Exchange account is linked to your email, so you’ll receive a notification every time a supplier responds to you. Inside the platform, an orange dot will indicate an unread supplier response.

Q: When will suppliers respond to my request?

A: Supplier response times vary, but you should start seeing responses within 48 hours from submitting your request.

Q: How do I respond to a supplier?

A: To respond in The Exchange: Login to the platform, click on the supplier name under “Supplier Conversations” & send your response in the chat box.

If you’re notified of a supplier response via email: Click on the “Reply” icon in your message to take you back to the chat and respond directly to the supplier. Do not “reply” to the email itself.

Q: Can I negotiate my pricing?

A: Yes! The Exchange is a great tool for negotiations. If you are given a price and would like to negotiate, you can directly communicate with the suppliers in the platform to see what they can do.


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