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The volume of equipment buying and selling across the OpenMarkets Community creates insightful data. This data has long allowed our team the ability to understand market trends, pricing fluctuations and changes in the market. 

We’re now pleased to offer this data to smart healthcare providers and equipment suppliers looking for an edge. 

Measure, strategize and execute better based on what today’s equipment buyers are doing. 

For health systems, this may mean aligning the right suppliers for an RFI and gathering intelligence on the innovative new suppliers gaining marketshare. Each Data Pack offers an avenue to better budgeting, more precise spend analytics and a more efficient supplier collaboration process. For equipment suppliers, not having this data will limit your ability to understand where your marketshare is in OpenMarkets, where it is going and how your pricing relates to the market. Harvard Business Review (HBR) cites organizations’ inability to price within market context as one of three key failures 85% of organizations make. Conversely, HBR identifies the ability to “bring data and business intelligence on alternatives and competitive intensity to bear” as a key best practice for the 15% of B2B organizations who price complex products correctly (HBR, July 2018).

Each category-specific data pack contains data based on the purchase history and forecasted spend of healthcare providers in the OpenMarkets Community. This includes:

  • Historical Share. Trailing 24 months of spend data. Where did the market go? 
  • Projected Share. Forecasted marketshare based on capital budget data. Where is the market going? 
  • Anonymized Pricing Analysis. De-identified insight into price ranges and comparisons for any equipment category. 

This intersection of past and future data is an invaluable and unique resource for organizations seeking to understand and evaluate how the market is evolving. 

Over 850 categories are available, such as Point-of-Care Ultrasounds, Bariatric Stretchers and Bladder Scanners. 

Data Packs are $2,000 per category and are delivered in a sharable format for your team. 

Download info here and Contact Us when you’re ready to order your first data pack!

Data Packs are available at no cost to Active Suppliers in the OpenMarkets Community. You can see a list of Active Suppliers here and learn about joining here.

Tom Derrick

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