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Healthcare providers can not only get the best options for buying equipment on The Exchange, but can benefit greatly from selling equipment as well!

When Advocate Trinity Hospital in Chicago needed to sell their da Vinci S Vision Equipment, they were assisted by two OpenMarkets Suppliers and received double the price offered by Intuitive Surgical on a trade-in! 

OpenMarkets Suppliers Alternative Source Medical and PT Medical were both important in this transaction. Both suppliers have previously contributed to the growing market for refurbished equipment on The Exchange, and this transaction is no different. The team originally turned to Randy from Alternative Source Medical, who referred them to OpenMarkets. Advocate was then connected to PT Medical, who was able to get them $95,000 for the equipment from a supplier abroad, $40,000 more than they would’ve otherwise been able to get in the States! 

Advocate ended up getting double the amount that Intuitive Surgical, the original manufacturer, would have offered as a trade back.

You can read more success stories from other hospitals buying and selling equipment on OpenMarkets right here. 

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