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Congratulations to Jan at Atlantic General Hospital for selling her older model 4 slice GE CT scanner on The Exchange!

Using The Exchange, Atlantic General received 4 offers from potential buyers before ultimately working with Retrieve Medical to complete the sale online.

Jan also followed best-practice guidelines when selling this used equipment by posting the equipment while it was still in-service. By doing this, Atlantic General was able to maximize value and came away an estimated 21% more than expected. She also negotiated with Retrieve to cover the cost of de-installation – all within The Exchange.

Retrieve was also pleased with the transaction, with owner Randall Bunswick saying “We have 5 new customers already in a short period of time and are super happy to keep doing more with OpenMarkets!”

Atlantic General and Retrieve were able to easily connect on the Exchange, instead of having to meet in person to discuss the details and sale of the scanner. Located in Berlin, Maryland, a 3-hour drive from the nearest metropolitan area, Atlantic General is difficult and expensive for sales representatives to access.

This isn’t a problem for Retrieve and the 120+ suppliers in the OpenMarkets Community. Access to Atlantic General and other rural and community hospitals is simplified by having their equipment products and services beautifully presented across the OpenMarkets platform.

Using an online platform ultimately made the process easier for both Atlantic General and Retrieve Medical. This dynamic cuts costs for hospitals by cutting the cost-of-sale for suppliers.

Hospitals can sell equipment on The Exchange by simply logging in and pressing the big green “Sell Equipment” button in the top right. Contact us anytime for credentials to use The Exchange.

Suppliers can access Atlantic General and the 800+ hospitals in the OpenMarkets Community simply by joining