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Avantor Delivers Innovative Solutions with a Proven Portfolio of Brands You Can Trust

Discover how Avantor’s® high quality J.T.Baker® products for third party robotic sampling systems can help improve your analytical and high throughput operations. 

Avantor is committed to relentlessly advancing life-changing science.

For mission-critical laboratory robotic liquid-handling systems, J.T.Baker precision robotic tips and plates from Avantor deliver the trusted quality and accurate performance that is needed in research and high-throughput applications every day.

Avantor is a trusted global partner to customers and suppliers in the life sciences and advanced technologies & applied materials industries. As the premier delivery channel of Avantor, VWR, an Open Markets’ supplier, provides access to mission-critical product and service solutions across life sciences and other regulated industries, including: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government, healthcare and advanced technologies. Discover how Avantor’s® high quality J.T.Baker® products for third party robotic sampling systems can help improve your analytical and high throughput operations.

Fully automated clean room production:

From initial tip injection molding through packaging, our clean room manufacturing processes are fully automated. Each tip is fabricated, inspected and shipped with strict compliance to demanding quality and safety requirements. Our production processes are tightly controlled to manufacture tips with zero defects.

And, we ensure the integrity of our clean room production by adhering to rigorous global standards. Our facility is ISO 9001 certified and meets ISO 13485 standards for medical and IVD production, as well as for the production of GMP-compliant products.

Delivering precise performance every time:

We maintain vigorous controls of our automation processes, which are validated annually by third-parties. And, we work with independent, accredited laboratories to test purity criteria. To ensure every tip delivers precise performance
every time, high-speed visual inspection systems scan the tips to detect minuscule defects that could compromise sampling accuracy.

Beyond our technology and processes, our most critical quality control resource is our people.

Their dedication and commitment to delivering zero defect production is inspired by their awareness of the critical role our products play in life sciences research and analytical applications.

From start to finish, Avantor’s J.T.Baker robotic tips play a vital role in relentlessly advancing life changing science.

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