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The once simple hospital bed has gone high-tech and high-cost. Similar story for routine stretchers. Transaction data from Modern Healthcare/ECRI shows the average price paid for beds & stretchers has jumped more than 20% in recent years as hospitals purchased costlier models with complex features. Motorized drives and compatibility with X-ray imaging devices are two of these key features improving the solutions but driving up costs. ECRI’s most recent publicly available data shows the run up in pricing has resulted in stretchers averaging $7,618 per unit, and electric beds averaging $15,981. Hospitals in the OpenMarkets community are staying ahead of these trends. Across the ~600 hospitals using OpenMarkets today, average cost paid per bed and stretcher average 11-24% below the prices documented by ECRI. This cost-avoidance is supercharged when working with the following bed and stretcher suppliers on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM:

If your organization is open to demo and refurbished options, savings upwards of 52% off new price can be achieved, driving down the average cost to well under $3,000. Best of all? Demo and refurbished options in this space even boast similar warranties as their new counterparts. OpenMarkets also boasts dedicated refurbished bed and stretcher focused Suppliers, such as Monet Medical, Alternative Source Medical, and Piedmont Medical in this space to delight Providers nationwide. Sign up to use OpenMarkets today at no cost and join Rady Children’s, Guthrie Clinic, and Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance, Western Reserve, Southeast Health and others in their journey to cut the inefficiencies in buying!

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