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The OpenMarkets Community continues getting bigger. This means health systems, surgery and imaging centers now have an even bigger group of engaged equipment suppliers to collaborate with online. 

“We are thrilled to be a part of the OpenMarkets Community,” said Tim Hagler, Director of Materials Management at Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium. “SEARHC is a non-profilt health consortium spread out across a rugged, and geographically challenging archipelago. It’s tough for equipment suppliers to visit us, so we are excited to collaborate with them on OpenMarkets. We’ll be more data centric, proactive and organized now.”

“Joining OpenMarkets will allow us to meet new providers and introduce the airborne pathogen killing SAM system,” said Randy Nobles, Chief Marketing Officer for Scientific Air Management. “Our patented process is new, and we are so excited to have OpenMarkets as a vehicle for introducing us to the healthcare community. We joined because OpenMarkets is a platform making it easier for both healthcare systems and suppliers to work better together. It’s a great fit for us.”   

This past April we welcomed the following organizations to OpenMarkets: 

There’s one more supplier who’s joined OpenMarkets, yet has asked us to hold off on publicizing their place in the Community. They view OpenMarkets as a competitive advantage and are eager to stay ahead! 

Thank you to all our of partners for a great month! It’s exciting to increase the pace of our record-breaking first quarter. We look forward to all of you working together on The OpenMarkets Exchange.