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OpenMarkets advisor and supply chain veteran, John Strong, led a web broadcast in the OpenMarkets Education Series about the latest supply chain trends and what impact they have on supply chain leaders.  A recording of the broadcast is now available for viewing.

During the broadcast, John Strong, Principal of John Strong, LLC and President of Greenhealth Management touched on crucial matters affecting healthcare supply chain and how leaders in the industry could adapt to these changing tides.   These matters include:

·      Consolidation and mergers

·      Outcome of the national election and healthcare uncertainty

·      New focus on capital, non-acute and service contracts

·      Increasing emphasis on trading partner collaboration

·      Consumer driven healthcare

·      National GPO Consolidation

Overall, John stressed that there is a lot of uncertainty in the healthcare market today and leaders are examining methods to drive greater value.  “This is a team sport,” said Strong during the 60-minute presentation. “We need to figure out how to collaborate to take costs out of the system.”

During the session, John also explored the reasons why the current capital equipment process can be complicated, and how approaching it as a team with other subject matter experts can be beneficial. If you’d like to view the broadcast recording, click here.