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With this year’s flu season being nastier than usual, it’s important to ensure that hospitals are prepared. Instead of renting extra pumps for the seasonal upswing, consider buying refurbished!

We have seen a big uptick in refurbished pump purchases on the alternative site market. It can be hard on hospital staff to integrate new types of pumps rented during peak periods. For this reason many nursing teams prefer to augment an existing fleet by making incremental refurbished purchases instead of sporadic renting.

The OpenMarkets Exchange is the preferred online marketplace for providers seeking refurbished pumps. Working on The Exchange allows you to cut down on emails, eliminate phone calls and save time. You’ll be seamlessly connected with some of the leading refurbished pump suppliers - who carry wide fleet of pumps from Baxter, Sigma Spectrum, BD/Carefusion, and more: 

Adepto Medical - Rental, Sales, and Service Company within the IV Pump Industry 

Biomedix Medical - Buys, sells, and leases surplus medical equipment and parts

Ganim Medical - New and pre-owned equipment sales, surgery center design and implementation, trade-up programs, medical equipment refurbishing, and liquidation programs 

Monet Medical - Seller of remanufactured medical equipment 

PT Medical Technologies - Provides disposition services for retired medical equipment, sales of new and used medical equipment, and full BIOMED services for all medical equipment 

The Exchange is also the preferred marketplace for hospitals who need to sell existing pumps. When getting rid of old equipment like pumps, it can be easy to accept offers right away from manufacturers. Instead of going with your first offer, we encourage you to sell your old pumps on The Exchange!

Hospitals that sell used equipment on The Exchange maximize returns. By listing your products with OpenMarkets you’ll be connected to a multitude of Suppliers that specialize in refurbishing used equipment.

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