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Equipped MD strongly believes in the following: “Only sell equipment that you feel comfortable with being used on yourself.” Equipped MD is a turn-key equipment solutions provider that makes finding and equipping your facility with the right equipment simple and easy. Their mission is to provide affordable and high-quality medical equipment solutions to healthcare providers enabling their efforts to to provide optimal care to their patients. Their main focus is working with private practices, clinics, surgery centers, and small bed hospitals to offer long-term working relationships and premium customer service and support. 

Despite being a small business, Equipped MD supplies American-products across multiple categories, two of their biggest focuses being equipment for the OR as well as many imaging products. You can find all types of ultrasounds from Equipped MD on OpenMarkets, from abdominal and ob/gyn to cardiac and point-of-care. As for C-Arms, Equipped MD offers a wide range of full-size, compact, and mini C-Arms and accessories both new and refurbished to meet your specific size needs and budget.

About Equipped MD:

Equipped MD was started by a group of professionals with 25+ years of experience in the medical device field. Their years of experience can be leveraged to help position you and your facility with equipment that will best serve your individual needs and budgets, all while saving you costs and guaranteeing you high-quality devices that will last.