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Capsa Healthcare, the leading supplier of medication carts, medical carts, computer carts, wall-mounted work stations and prescription tablet counters for the healthcare industry, is a valued member of the OpenMarkets supplier community.

Since beginning their partnership with OpenMarkets in 2017, Capsa has provided healthcare providers with high quality carts for a fraction of the price. One of these providers is Roanoke Ambulatory Surgery Center in Virginia, who requested a pediatric crash cart through OpenMarkets. 

Roanoke was originally connected with eleven equipment suppliers, five of which gave quotes. Capsa’s was the cheapest by far, giving Roanoke a quote 30-35% lower than the others. The team stayed on top of the request, responding quickly and providing updates as the quote was being put together. Quick transactions are valuable for busy supply chain teams, and this was no different. The entire process took just over 2 weeks, from request creation to transaction!

Capsa has 150 cart models available on OpenMarkets in a range of categories such as crash, isolation, and medical storage. Log in or sign up at no cost to start connecting with them on OpenMarkets!