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While supplies last, Capsa has Avalo isolation carts already made and ready to be shipped anywhere in the country within two days. This results in tremendous time savings for providers, as it usually takes quite a while for customized isolation carts to be shipped out. 

In addition to isolation carts, Capsa offers a wide variety of carts that are as customizable as needed. Because they can be as basic or specialized as needed,  Capsa carts can be used in a diverse range of departments. With almost 150 carts listed on The Exchange, providers are sure to find one from Capsa that works best for them.

Capsa Healthcare is a leading supplier of medication carts, medical carts, computer carts, wall-mounted work stations and prescription tablet counters for the healthcare industry. The supplier was formed by the integration of Capsa Solutions, Rubbermaid Healthcare, and Kirby Lester to deliver healthcare equipment and support for superior clinical efficiency and medication management accuracy.

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