Tell Us Your TV Needs & Save 20%!

Providers can purchase a variety of products on The Exchange, and one of the most popular products purchased are hospital-grade TVs!

Earlier this month Sinai Health System in Chicago, IL needed TV’s, and was able to connect with 4 different suppliers via The Exchange. The request was created on August 7th, and the team at Sinai had already received quotes from two separate suppliers the next day. The PO was ultimately awarded to DeKroyft-Metz, an Illinois based supplier, and the equipment was purchased just three weeks later!

Sinai Health was able to save 20% by switching from their previous supplier to buying through OpenMarkets. They have had multiple successes on The Exchange so far, and we look forward to helping them with more! 

While this transaction was between 2 Illinois companies, it’s just as easy for providers to connect with suppliers across the country. Moving online makes purchasing equipment faster and easier for everyone, especially when the desired response date is fast approaching. 

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