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We love it when providers and suppliers form relationships through OpenMarkets. For providers, a trusted relationship makes it easier to work efficiently online with suppliers. 

Dekroyft-Metz and a children’s hospital in San Diego have formed a new trusted relationship through the OpenMarkets platform. This has led to multiple successes together throughout the year, saving time and money for both parties and working to cut out some of the waste in healthcare equipment procurement.

Take a look at some of their wins together:

• The children’s hospital was looking for a perinatology replacement bed and was connected with eight different suppliers on The Exchange. The team at Dekroyft-Metz provided a quote the next day, earning some accolades from the provider for the fast turn around. The two sides worked out details through chatting on the Platform and the transaction was made just a week later!

•  The two organizations worked together again a few weeks later - and the hospitals saved over $2,000 buying Midmark Beds. Nice 3% savings over what their other distributors had quoted! 

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