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We are pleased to announce that Clorox Healthcare has joined the OpenMarkets Community to bring healthcare providers more streamlined access to product insights and sales and account teams. 

With this partnership, rich insight and technical specs on Clorox Healthcare products and equipment will now be available on the OpenMarkets platform. This allows hospitals using OpenMarkets to research products, manage capital budgets and buy equipment. It also provides increased opportunities to learn more about Clorox Healthcare solutions within their preferred workflow. Furthrmore, clinical, supply chain and finance teams across the 850 hospitals using OpenMarkets will now be able to collaborate online with their local Clorox Healthcare sales & account management teams. This streamlined information gathering and communication saves time and money for all.

Clorox Healthcare provides healthcare facilities a wide range of solutions to help prevent and stop the spread of infections and create cleaner, healthier environments. From comprehensive surface disinfection to advanced technologies, Clorox Healthcare offers a robust portfolio of EPA-registered surface disinfectants in addition to advanced technologies.

In the fight against infections, today’s healthcare facilities need proven solutions to kill a broad range of pathogens, from seasonal threats like influenza and deadly pathogens like Clostridium difficile (C.difficile), to community-associated MRSA and new threats posed by emerging viral pathogens.

“We’re excited to have Clorox Healthcare join the OpenMarkets Community,” said Trevor Wood, Senior Vice President at OpenMarkets. “Nurses and clinical directors are eager to find new innovation and technology to reduce Healthcare-Acquired-Infections (HAIs), and now they’ll be able to access vital product solutions from Clorox Healthcare. We look forward to helping bring these parties together on the OpenMarkets platform.” 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities use OpenMarkets to research, collaborate, get quotes and buy equipment across 30,000 products.