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Helping healthcare providers find the right product is always our #1 priority, so we’re thrilled to have been able to help Coastal Eye Care in Ellsworth, ME connect with Haag-Streit on the purchase of a new surgical microscope. As a bonus - Coastal Eye Care saved over $100,000 by working with Haag-Streit over Carl Zeiss. 

Dr. Lawrence Piazza from Coastal Eye Care is a relatively new user of OpenMarkets, but he’s already had a number of valuable experiences on the platform. In fact, it was his initial experience on OpenMarkets - selling an old Kowa Camera - that led him to look for new ways to use the platform. 

“Initially, I found OpenMarkets when I was trying to sell an old camera. Their team was quick to respond to my request and immediately got started on finding a buyer. When the initial search did not go as planned, OpenMarkets was very helpful in finding a buyer for me without costing me much time to do so.”

After his successful sale of the Kowa, Dr. Piazza set out to buy equipment on OpenMarkets as well. He had originally intended to buy the surgical microscope he needed from Carl Zeiss, who he had been working with for years. However, after putting his request on OpenMarkets, Dr. Piazza received quotes from Haag-Streit and Avante as well as Carl Zeiss. After comparing the quotes and demoing the products, he realized he actually liked Haag-Streit’s microscope system best, and it was $100,000 less! 

“While we were selling our camera with OpenMarkets, we had also found out the platform could help with buys we were looking into. Initially, we had needed a microscope system for our practice, but those systems are often in the $200k range brand new. We sourced through OpenMarkets and found a far more economical option through Haag-Streit that fit our needs perfectly! OpenMarkets saved us the time on the search, put the quotes side by side so we could weigh our options, and ultimately saved us roughly $100,000 on this purchase.”

The product Dr. Piazza bought from Haag-Streit was a comparable next to the one he originally requested from Carl Zeiss. In going through this process, he realized the importance and benefits that can be gained by taking a wide view of the market to learn about similar products: 

“The only reason these cameras are so much cheaper is because they’re popular in Europe, but less well known here. When I spoke to docs here that were using them and they were happy, it was a done deal.”

Now that Dr. Piazza is a regular user of the The Exchange - we can’t wait to see the other great transactions he’ll have!