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In the need of clear-cut, advanced, specialty orthopedic tables? Consider Schaerer Medical for all of your surgical table needs! 

Schaerer Medical has over 125 years of medical device experience and over 100 years of surgical table design and manufacturing experience providing ORs with more surgical table options. Delivering precision crafted surgical tables and technology advance accessories for orthopedics, neurosurgery, spine, cardiovascular, pain management, urology and general surgery, Schaerer is known throughout the world for the quality and durability of its products. Its tables are designed to provide maximum access for surgeons and optimal patient care.

Schaerer’s tables are exceptional because they can easily convert to meet various specialties with the use of specialized accessories versus having to purchase and store multiple tables. Its technology allows surgeons and staff greater flexibility, including complete positioning control of the operative leg during DAA & THA and does not require additional assistance from a staff member. Think about how much money, storage, and time your healthcare facility would save! 

Schaerer has an array of special orthopedic tables available on OpenMarkets. The RotexTable by Condor, for example, is a motorized positioning table for lower extremities used for total hip replacement (DAA) or hip arthroscopy. The Schraerer 7300 Modular Table, with its Carbon Spine Frame accessory, provides excellent four-post positioning or can quickly convert to a lateral MIS table to enable maximum C-Arm access- all in one table. The CHICK® LP Fracture Table with its industry leading table top height and its solid radiolucent top, offers complete C-Arm access and maximum imageability. As a result, surgical procedures are more timely and accurate.

   RotexTable by Condor                Schaerer 7300                Chick® LP Fracture Table       

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