Congrats to Harloff and Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center for their First Transaction Together!

January 30, 2018 | Category: Latest News | Author: Tom Derrick

Exciting activity today on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM, with Harloff Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of healthcare carts, collaborating up with team of stakeholders at Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center to finalize a transaction for Harloff's Deluxe Cast Cart. 

Per Harloff, their orthopedic casting and splinting carts offers a convenient and cost-effective way of storing instruments and supplies for the treatment of strains, sprains and fractures.

Two key stakeholders on the Mt. Graham side, the Director of Emergency Services and the Supply Chain Director, worked together to evaluate the needs of the department and the evaluate suppliers. The director herself was tasked with evaluating the products and available options. The ExchangeTM allowed her to quickly connect with four (4) suppliers. Through organized, online communication with the suppliers, the supply chain team was able to guide the purchase to the supplier with the strongest value proposition to Mt. Graham. This supplier was Harloff. 

This efficient transaction is the future of healthcare equipment purchasing. Whether you are simply looking for a cart, a surgical table, an ultrasound or more, visit to start working on The ExchangeTM today. 


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