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We are pleased to recognize OpenMarkets Advisory Council member Régine Honoré Villain, Vice President, Supply Chain Operations at NYU Langone Health as one of our industry’s Women Leaders in Supply Chain. This honor has been bestowed by The Journal for Healthcare Contracting, and recipients are picked by colleagues from organizations including The Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt University and Catholic Health Initiatives.

“Regine is a first-class leader,” says OpenMarkets co-founder Tom Derrick. “We’ve seen her impact first at the Medical University of South Carolina and now at NYU. Her vision is to inspire supply chain to positively impact and support patient care. We’re proud to be a partner with Regine and the organizations she serves.”

NYU Langone has been a member of the OpenMarkets community since late 2016, shortly after Villain joined the organization. The organization uses OpenMarkets to collaborate with equipment suppliers and find the right products for patient care goals. The Medical University of South Carolina, where Villain served as Chief Supply Chain Officer from 2010 to 2016, uses OpenMarkets as a fully capital management and equipment sourcing solution.

100 equipment transactions per month are created on OpenMarkets across these two organizations.