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Health-o-Meter, an Active Supplier in the OpenMarkets Community since April 2017, is one of the leading Medical Scale brands in the United States. The company offers a wide range of models including Stand-On, Wheelchair, Chair, Pediatric and Specialty scales ideal for any healthcare facility. Its comprehensive product line also includes stadiometers and the market’s largest offering of wireless and EMR capable scales. Health o meter® Professional Scales provides superior quality, innovative designs and exceptional customer service.

What sets Health o meter® Professional Scales apart from the competition is its “weigh easier” company culture. Everything is done with the customer in mind, consistently asking “What will be weigh easier for our customer?” This superior level of service and support extends beyond end users and includes anyone that interacts with the company, at any level. Health o meter® Professional Scales’ business standard is to always go above and beyond customers’ needs.

Health-o-Meter scales are offered in a wide range of models of superior quality that can be used at any healthcare facility. They have over 100 different types of scales listed in the OpenMarkets product directory, including:






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