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There is fierce competition in the market for hospital-grade furniture, and local dealers and reps may not be able to get you all the options you need. For clinical department directors and supply chain teams, having a simple, accurate resource for finding information on furniture is important.  With the OpenMarkets Exchange, providers can efficiently search through a curated catalog of information on every piece of furniture available in the market. 

Let’s take a look at some of the furniture categories available on The Exchange:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Cabinet 37 189
Chair (Guest) 38 412
Shelving, Mobile 13 271
Stool 42 278

Buying hospital furniture online through The Exchange gets rid of the hassle of dealing with in person conversations and sales visits, giving you more time to focus on more important things, like clinical support. Here’s a recent example:

Peter Pepper Products, a furniture supplier based in California, recently had its first win with a children’s hospital in Virginia - 2,700 miles away!

The Exchange features in-depth information, spec sheets and reference materials for each piece of furniture made by furniture suppliers, making it incredibly easy to research, negotiate, and buy.