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Exam tables are needed in every department in every kind of healthcare facility, so it’s no surprise that hospitals and clinics in the OpenMarkets community buy thousands of exam tables a year.

And with over 150 new models available in OpenMarkets, healthcare providers are certain to find the right option for their needs - faster than searching through Google, for sure. 

We’ve also seen several healthcare providers buying refurbished exam tables on the OpenMarkets platform. Earlier this year, Iowa Specialty Hospital was able to do this by purchasing Brewer 6500 Access high low exam tables from  Alternative Source Medical on the OpenMarkets platform. 

The following table Suppliers can get you great prices on both new and refurbished exam tables:

Alternative Source Medical

Auxo Medical 

Bryton Corporation

Clinton Industries 

De Kroyft-Metz

Direct Supply


Ganim Medical 

Heartland Medical Sales & Service 

PT Medical Technologies

You can find a variety of exam tables on OpenMarkets, including power, bariatric, and high low exam tables. Click here to sign up (at no cost, ever)!