Start getting quotes on the Ergo now!

The Digirad Ergo Imaging System, a multipurpose nuclear gamma camera, is providing benefits to hospitals through its portability and versatility. It is a point-of-care imaging system, and the only portable system of its kind for nuclear medicine.

Having a portable imaging system is extremely beneficial to both the hospital and the patient. By performing bedside scans and eliminating the need to transport the patient, the risk of infection is reduced, and patient stability is maintained. Keeping the procedure in the patient’s room makes the whole process safer and less stressful, especially for ICU patients who are not in a condition to be moved. 

The ability to bring the Ergo directly into patient rooms and OR allows for better staff optimization and therefore lower costs for the hospital, as nurses and physicians have more time to spend with patients. The Ergo even comes with custom paint options; some are painted like giraffes, a perfect example for the pediatric department!

Portability does not mean lower quality images – technologists say that the Ergo’s high-quality images rival those of any static nuclear camera. Ergo’s point-of-care imaging improves value, quality, and patient outcomes. 

Check out a video demonstration of the Ergo right here.