Discover Supplier Market Share in 40 Major Healthcare Equipment Categories

March 14, 2017 | Category: Latest News | Author: Monica Frager

Recently, we developed a market share tool to help providers discover leading suppliers in the major equipment categories.  This tool also gives suppliers insight into their success with the OpenMarkets network of 250+ hospitals. 

As hospital supply chain executives continue the balancing act of improving patient care and purchasing economics, they are turning to new ways of streamlining their capital processes and creating visibility within their organizations.  Similarly, healthcare equipment suppliers are looking to remove complexity and opacity from the selling process and lower the extraordinarily high SG&A costs that dominate the industry. 

OpenMarkets is laser focused on alleviating the pain points of both providers and suppliers, and has created technology to facilitate better collaboration and increased efficiency for all stakeholders.  

By providing both sides with access to the same information, we will improve visibility and transparency, creating a better platform for providers and suppliers to begin a conversation. 

Check out our market share tool here, and contact us for more information about OpenMarkets products and services. 


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