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Finding the right supplier when buying healthcare equipment is half the battle, but OpenMarkets is here to take away the endless searching and instead, have suppliers come to you. Once you find what you are looking for on the Exchange, put in a request and watch as suppliers flock to your very own Exchange dashboard. Having options is key when finding the right equipment solutions and having all your options in one place, creates simplicity and efficiency. 

With COVID-19, supplying Nitrile gloves has been more difficult than ever. Counterfeiters have emerged in the market, sourcing large quantities of uncertified, poor quality gloves and repackaging them. However, OpenMarkets has 125+ reliable suppliers to connect to ensure you are receiving necessary glove supplies. 

Massachusetts Value Alliance is one of many suppliers, who have turned to OpenMarkets to find Nitrile gloves during COVID-19. Massachusetts Value Alliance received information from 7 suppliers within an hour of placing the request. Suppliers have clarified price, size breakdowns, shipping and provided specs for the gloves to help Massachusetts Value Alliance find the best option for nitrile gloves to supply their hospitals.  

OpenMarkets is here to support your healthcare facility during the COVID-19 pandemic and would not be able to do it without the help of our supplier community. With each purchase made on the Exchange, OpenMarkets and our suppliers work together to find the right healthcare equipment solution. Today, we celebrate our top suppliers that finished out 2020 strong and helped OpenMarkets hospitals all over the United States. 

Please join us in congratulating December’s Top Suppliers (returning Top Suppliers are indicated with an asterisk): 

1. Medco Blue* 

2. Novum Medical Products* 

3. VWR, part of Avantor*

4. American Medical: The Oxygen Concentrator Store 

5. Alternative Source Medical* 

6. Mid Central Medical 

7. Auxo Medical, LLC* 

8. The 1441 Group, LLC* 

9. Alco Sales & Service Co*

10. Meridian Leasing Corporation 

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