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Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance, a 504-bed Texas hospital, has nailed their first cost-avoidance win on the OpenMarkets ExchangeTM. Working with Monet Medical, Carmen Martinez, the capital buyer at Doctor’s, was able to save $21,000 on the purchase of 10 Hill-Rom stretchers.

Carmen’s savings came through thorough vetting of five (5) different suppliers on The ExchangeTM.  All five suppliers provided Carmen with a quote within 48 hours, allowing her to quickly evaluate the cost-quality-outcomes benefits of each.

In the end Carmen elected to work with Monet to secure 10 re-conditioned P8000-model stretchers. Monet is also providing a full warranty for the products. The hospital had originally planned to purchase brand-new Stryker Big Wheel Prime stretchers, but switched when presented with the cost-quality-outcomes value from Monet. This positive impact on the capital budget will allow Doctor’s Hospital to allocate resources to other pressing needs.

The savings created by Carmen and her team is emblematic of the bed and stretcher cost-avoidance trends found on the OpenMarkets ExchangeTM. Provider organizations can sign up here to use The ExchangeTM to research products, get quotes and finalize purchases at no cost.