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A new pattern of healthcare equipment buying is taking place on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM: providers are coming to The ExchangeTM to research, get quotes for and buy small-dollar equipment.

Here are 6 of the most popular “small-dollar” categories:

  • Patient & Wheelchair scales (361 models available, including SR Scales & Health o Meter)
  • Hospital-Grade TV’s (62 models, including LG)
  • Training manikins (like the Ambu Advanced)
  • Suction canisters (try SERRES for a better quality and value than products offered by Medline & Cardinal)
  • Suction regulators (77 models, including top products from Boehringer)
  • Flu-Fighting supplies (ask for MarketLab, a distributor of timely flu-fighting supplies, including sanitizing stations, masks and cleaning agents)​

Using the ExchangeTM to research, get quotes and buy small-dollar equipment is a best practice for saving time and money. Just pop your request in and get quotes.

And remember - issuing your PO to the winning supplier in the ExchangeTM will let you re-order quick and easy in the future.

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