A new pattern of healthcare equipment buying is taking place on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM: providers are coming to The ExchangeTM to research, get quotes for and buy small-dollar equipment.

Here are 6 of the most popular “small-dollar” categories:

  • Patient & Wheelchair scales (361 models available, including SR Scales & Health o Meter)
  • Hospital-Grade TV’s (62 models, including LG)
  • Training manikins (like the Ambu Advanced)
  • Suction canisters (try SERRES for a better quality and value than products offered by Medline & Cardinal)
  • Suction regulators (77 models, including top products from Boehringer)
  • Flu-Fighting supplies (ask for MarketLab, a distributor of timely flu-fighting supplies, including sanitizing stations, masks and cleaning agents)​

Using the ExchangeTM to research, get quotes and buy small-dollar equipment is a best practice for saving time and money. Just pop your request in and get quotes.

And remember - issuing your PO to the winning supplier in the ExchangeTM will let you re-order quick and easy in the future.

Sign up here to get validated now! Providers can use The ExchangeTM at no cost.

Ashley La Fleur

Ashley is on the content team at OpenMarkets. Her focus is to tell the story of how our customers are changing the way healthcare is... More about Ashley La Fleur