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Optimizing large capital equipment purchases continues to be both a necessity and a challenge for hospitals, given the cost pressures of today’s healthcare environment.  Ultrasound devices are a case in point.  

According to a recent article by Zion Market Research, the ultrasound market will grow from $5.2 billion to $6.9 billion by 2021, driven by demand from the healthcare industry to use machines for disease diagnosis. While the cart/trolley based ultrasound device is expected to continue as the preferred machine of choice, Zion predicts 3D and 4D ultrasound technology will also see favorable future growth.

OpenMarkets has facilitated more than 225 ultrasound transactions for hospitals over the past two years through our comprehensive healthcare equipment platform. As the market for ultrasound equipment continues to grow worldwide, so does OpenMarkets’ ability to provide data-driven purchasing support and opportunity acceleration.

Through OpenMarkets, both providers and suppliers gain insight to actionable data and trend analysis based on actual opportunities in the capital equipment procurement process. As providers continue to improve the way they manage their capital spend, ultrasound device market leaders are able to work with them collaboratively in the OpenMarkets platform to create smarter equipment transactions.

In terms of growth, the ultrasound equipment market has just started to take off. Zion Market Research predicts continued expansion in:

• Europe – the global ultrasound market leader in 2015 thanks 


 the positioning of various key vendors, a promising medical tourism industry, and private sector promotion of ultrasound technology implementation

• North America – already one of the leading players in the market and an epicenter of research and development

• Asia Pacific and Latin America

• The Middle East and Africa – due to expanding healthcare infrastructure

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