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Trisonics is a Harrisburg, PA based supplier of new, preowned and refurbished ultrasound parts, probes and systems. As a part of the OpenMarkets community, Trisonics works efficiently with hospitals on The Exchange to create ultrasound solutions across any make and model.

When purchasing an ultrasound system, looking into different options is a given, but have you considered looking into a used or refurbished system? Buying a refurbished or remanufactured diagnostic imaging machine can offer a lower cost without jeopardizing quality. Your medical practice can save a lot of money by doing a little research. Categorizing the refurbished or pre-owned systems into manufacturer/age, and condition will help make this decision more comfortable for you and your facility.

The manufacturer and age of the machine are significant factors when attempting to obtain replacement parts and probes. Imagine buying a less conventional system and a year later needing a replacement probe or apart. Unfortunately, your machine is so old and under-distributed that it takes weeks to replace it. This situation could be detrimental to your practice or medical facility. We recommend purchasing a machine that is commonly distributed and easily accessible regarding service and parts. For instance, it will be easier to maintain and service a Philips iu22 (an older system) rather than an Alpinion system (which could be newer). Trusted brands are essential when considering different options.

The condition of a system has a distinct significance when purchasing a pre-owned system. You wouldn’t want to buy a system that only has a good two years left, your investment in the machine is worth way more than that. Make sure the refurbishment process restores the machine to like-new condition, including replacing old parts and antiquated hardware with the latest software. Our TriCertified process is an excellent example of an exemplary refurbishment process. It is essential to ask about the process because some resellers claim to “refurbish” systems when in reality they are cosmetically cleaning up the machine, making sure it powers on and calling it a day.  This practice is technically refurbishment, the standard for this process varies from company to company. Be sure you know what condition the system is in before committing and call references for peace of mind.

Our experts are readily available to walk you through the process to make sure you are receiving the perfect pre-owned system for you. And remember to make sure your system is serviced regularly, whether it is brand new, used or refurbished!