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It’s easy to overlook furniture when thinking about buying medical equipment for your facility; however, it’s just as important! With thousands of types of healthcare furniture and TVs in the U.S. today, there is fierce competition in the market. This overwhelming supply of products includes cabinets, chairs, desks, recliners, sofas, TVs and more.

For clinical department directors and supply chain teams, having a simple, accurate resource for finding information on furniture is important. With The Exchange, buyers can efficiently search through a curated catalog of information on every piece of furniture available in the market.

There are over 30 Furniture & Fixture categories offered on OpenMarkets. Here are just a few:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Chair (Guest) 38 435
Rack 10 54
Shelving 33 238
TV +Accessories 35 342

The Exchange features in-depth information, spec sheets and reference materials for each piece of furniture made by these suppliers, making it incredibly easy to search, quote, negotiate and buy. 

Take a look at some of the key OpenMarkets Suppliers in these categories: 

Bryton Corporation - Leading manufacturer of surgical equipment

Clinton Industries - Supplier of a variety of medical equipment & surgical instruments

Direct Supply - Supplier of world-class solutions to help healthcare providers thrive

Getinge - Global leader for medical equipment, systems and solutions

Linet Americas - Supplier of simple yet modern healthcare beds, cribs, surfaces and furniture

MarketLab - Manufacturer and distributer of unique & hard to find laboratory and general healthcare products

MAC Medical - Manufacturer of high quality stainless steel medical equipment

Mid Central Medical - Manufacturer of stainless steel medical equipment for use in hospitals and surgery centers across North America

Novum Medical Products - Leading manufacturer and provider of healthcare equipment and furnishing, with a specialty in pediatric care

Peter Pepper Products - Supplier of a diverse selection of equipment accessories

Quantum Medical Storage - U.S. based manufacturer of storage solutions

Versa Tables - Supplier of innovative computer furniture

VWR - Leading global, independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers

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