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Supply chain and materials managers may initially just think of products like ultrasounds, hospital beds, and surgical instruments when shopping for medical equipment. Information technology may not immediately come to mind, but it’s hospitals, surgery centers and every other healthcare provider need this equipment nonetheless!

With Suppliers like Canon and HP in our Community and over 4,000 information technology products in our directory, OpenMarkets is a great place to find IT hardware for your facility. Whether you’re a large health system or an independent surgery center, you’ll be sure to find the right equipment for your facility. Some of the most populated IT categories are as followed:

Category # of Suppliers # of Manufacturers
Laptop 9 110
Printer 36 283
Scanner 31 130
Computer Carts 43 120

One major IT product used in healthcare are scanners. They’re constantly used in the health setting to scan patient records, intake forms and ID cards, but like other equipment used in a healthcare setting, buying IT scanners can be unnecessarily complicated and costly. OpenMarkets can help you find the right scanning equipment and other IT hardware to augment your current solutions and make it easier for your team to work. Using OpenMarkets to research available options and get connected to suppliers saves you time and establishes a competitive procurement opportunity. 

Here are just some of the companies in our Supplier Community who you can get you quotes on IT Hardware:


Bayland Technologies 


Capsa Healthcare

Direct Supply


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