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In a new video, supply chain leaders representing healthcare provider organizations of varying sizes share the advantages equipment suppliers can experience with the OpenMarkets Exchange.

“Providers and suppliers [historically] don’t partner together well.  This is a step towards us changing the marketplace by having that transparency.  And it benefits both provider and the supplier,” says Mary Alexander, Director of Supply Chain, Financial Resources Group.

Facilitating better collaboration is at the core of the Exchange. With instant messaging and a centralized platform to track files and communication, providers and suppliers can transform the procurement process together. “The innovation comes through with modern technology. With instant messaging back and forth with the supplier, having an audit trail of communications… Or even if we wanted to bring in other team members or other members from departments within our healthcare system,” says Catherine Grein, Capital Contract Administrator at Wellspan Health.

If you want access to more opportunities and healthcare decision makers, get your products in the OpenMarkets directory. Providers use the Exchange to request quotes and find suppliers that can offer like-for-like products. This helps smaller or more niche suppliers build brand awareness and receive opportunities that they would usually have a difficult time accessing. In addition, the nature of the cloud-based program allows suppliers to expand their reach.  “Suppliers can go to OpenMarkets and have access to facilities where they have no representation,” said Alexander. “If they’re regionally based in the northeast they can quote somebody in the south.  I mean, you’re talking thousands of transactions.”

Sean Poellnitz, Director of Contracting and Resource Utilization at CHRISTUS Health appreciates the centralized and streamlined nature of the Exchange.  He says, “When people think capital, they think ‘I need to use the Exchange to execute.’”

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