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In a new video, supply chain leaders representing healthcare provider organizations of varying sizes share the advantages they’ve seen by managing the capital equipment process with OpenMarkets. 

“In a larger organization where there are multiple approval levels, you really need to have the tools that OpenMarkets provides to be able to know where you are at any given moment in the capital process,” says Mary Alexander, Director of Supply Chain, Financial Resources Group. “You’re talking thousands of transactions.”

Regardless of an organization’s size, however, adding the functionality of the OpenMarkets software to the supply chain management repertoire can add efficiency and transparency. “If your health system does not have a concrete electronic process for capital budgeting, capital requisitioning, OpenMarkets will work with you and they’ll make it exactly what you need,” says Catherine Grein, Capital Contract Administrator at Wellspan Health. “You’ve got the approval process right in there, and reporting that you can utilize. I think that’s a really valuable tool.”

Why is that functionality so important? Health systems are continually working to do more with less. “We’re running out of time. We’re so busy and the volume is so great,” explains Grein. “I really see OpenMarkets as an extension of our supply chain.”

Sean Poellnitz, Director of Contracting and Resource Utilization at Christus Health agrees.  “When it comes to capital, as far as really pulling everything together and giving the leaders in supply chain who run capital that one-stop shop, OpenMarkets is making it extremely easy for us,” he says.


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