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What do motorcycles and surgical lights have in common? David P. Mehney. In 1966, Mehney founded Kawasaki Midwest Motorcycles, Inc. and distributed motorcycles across the Midwest for Kawasaki. Mehney was familiar doing business with Japanese companies and founded Skytron in 1972 when he was presented with the opportunity to bring a new type of surgical light to the US.  

Whether selling motorcycles or surgical instruments, the mission has not changed: “Customer service is essential to building a brand that is trusted and set apart from the rest.” Skytron’s core values of philosophy, integrity, and long-term focus are upheld by their customer service and pioneering solutions. 

Skytron is a healthcare efficiency company with solutions for a variety of healthcare areas. With the goal to increase efficiency and utilization of people, facilities and capital, Skytron’s products offered have a lower long-term cost of ownership and higher up times.  

Skytron specializes in four product categories: clinical, infection prevention, clinical business intelligence, and architectural, and all are available on the OpenMarkets Exchange:  

Clinical: Booms, Surgical Tables, Streamline IV Transport System, Lights, Stainless Products, Warming Cabinets 

Infection Prevention: Flex Ultrasonic Washer Disinfector, Integrity Sterilizers, Sterling Washer-Disinfectors, UVC Disinfection, Prep & Pack Workstations, Processing Sinks, Stainless Products, Washer Chemical System

Clinical Business Intelligence: Visual Management Solutions, Video Integration, Asset Tracking and Supply Chain Solutions, Displays 

Architectural: Modular Walls, Custom Stainless Solutions, Doors, Windows 

OpenMarkets takes pride in connecting you to suppliers that put customer service first. With operations throughout the world, Skytron caters to a diverse set of healthcare needs with an emphasis in attentive and reliable customer service. Their dedicated service team and strong core values have strongly contributed to their success and OpenMarkets is eager to connect you with Skytron today.