Fujifilm's Advanced Imaging Solutions Promote Ease and Efficiency

Fujifilm Healthcare Americas, a leading innovator in diagnostic and enterprise imaging solutions, is showcasing two powerful solutions from their expansive portfolio.

Scenaria View 128 CT features a standard lateral 20cm table shift for patient positioning – the only table to do so in the world. On top of improving spatial resolution, the Scenaria View is capable of arms-at-side scanning for optimal patient comfort.

Echelon Oval 1.5T MRI sports a 63cm-wide table – the widest table on the market! This wide table, along with a 74cm-wide bore, allows for maximum patient comfort. With WIT RF technology for a quick and easy setup, FUJILFILM lets you spend less time setting things up and more time helping patients.

FUJI App Image 2

All these features work to smooth out the entire CT and MRI scanning process. When operating an advanced imaging solution from Fujifilm, you can expect to spend less time figuring out the machine and spend more time giving attention to your patients.

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