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LINET Americas is a leading global supplier of hospital beds and a longtime part of the OpenMarkets Community. With more than 15,000+ beds installed coast-to-coast, it is LINET Americas’ goal to help improve the cost and quality of healthcare by providing practical solutions to healthcare customers.

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LINET’S Multicare intensive care and therapy bed is an ideal solution for the demanding special requirements of critically ill patients. The bed uses innovative technologies to create an ideal combination of clinical benefits for patients and staff – medical, nursing and therapy. The Multicare bed stands out against its competitors because it can assist in preventing ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), mobilize secretions, improve gas exchange, and even assist with pressure injury reduction for patients who cannot be turned manually. The platform based lateral tilt helps to improve the oxygenation and to prevent lung complications by increasing lung drainage and airway hygiene, something that is unique to LINET’s Multicare bed.

Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN) featured LINET’s Multicare bed in their January 2019 issue. In the article titled “Strategic Posturing,” Laura Enright RN, CCRN, Clinical Specialist for LINET, details why the Multicare bed stands out for healthcare providers:

“LINET’s wide range of bed frames and mattresses offer the ability to customize to the needs of specific populations without losing the benefits of the standard features that provide exceptional positioning options. 

“Microclimate Management (MCM) as a feature has increased its popularity to maintain the best skin temperature and climate for pressure injury prevention.”

LINET’s microclimate management circulates air below the mattress cover which aids in pressure injury prevention by helping to control the heat and humidity of the patient’s skin.1 

LINET’s partnership with OpenMarkets allows nursing directors, supply chain managers and other key leaders to work with their local LINET sales rep and product specialists online. Full information on the Multicare and all of LINET’s products is available on the OpenMarkets platform, making it easy for you to review options and engage with LINET when you are ready. 

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About Linet: Linet Americas was founded in 2010 and is part of Linet Group SE, a leading global supplier of hospital beds. The company’s success is based on innovations that help improve the standard of healthcare in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their diverse product portfolio includes solutions for acute care, post-acute care, and home care. Linet Americas is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and provides sales and service to over 500 customers across the United States and Canada. With more than 15,000 beds installed coast-to-coast, it is Linet’s goal to help improve the cost and quality of healthcare by providing practical solutions to their customers.