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It takes a lot to keep an OR running smoothly, and it’s so important to make sure everyone and everything necessary is there when it comes time for surgery. With OpenMarkets you can browse over 3,000 surgical products, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked when you make your next order. From scissors and clamps to catheters and retractors, the OpenMarkets Exchange is truly a one-stop-shop for any of your surgical instrument needs. 

Check out some of our most populated surgical instrument categories:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Forceps 26 354
Graspers 6 180
Retractors 25 166
Scissors 11 172

Buy surgical instruments from Suppliers such as :

Enova Illumination - The world’s first LED surgical headlight designer

Hayden Medical - Provider of German stainless steel surgical and laparoscopic instruments

Mid Central Medical - Manufacturer of stainless steel medical equipment for use in hospitals and surgery centers across North America.

Serres - Supplier of innovative, safe & cost-efficient products for medical fluid collection, management and disposal

• Sunnex - Manufacturer of high quality medical lighting

Surgical Direct - Supplier of cost effective medical products that meet pressing healthcare needs

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