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OpenMarkets has a vast variety of equipment categories on The Exchange, one of them being Respiratory Therapy. With over 350 products in the category from 70 suppliers, it is a diverse category. Here are some of the most populated subcategories of Respiratory Therapy equipment:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Hyperbaric Chambers 4 8
Respirator 5 40
Spirometer 12 16
Ventilator 17 25
Ventilator (Transport) 8 16

OpenMarkets is the best place to buy equipment in Respiratory Therapy - take a look at some of the Suppliers that you can connect with on The Exchange!

  • Amico - Leading manufacturer of the most advanced medical equipment for the global health care industry
  • DeKroyft-Metz - Comprehensive healthcare distributor with a specialty in minor capital equipment
  • Direct Supply - Supplier of world-class solutions to help healthcare providers thrive
  • ETC Hyperbaric Chambers - Designers and builders of a complete line of hyperbaric chambers
  • Ganim Medical - Supplier of new and pre-owned medical equipment
  • Master Medical Equipment - Supplier of new and pre-owned medical equipment
  • Monet Medical - Seller of remanufactured medical equipment
  • Philips Healthcare - Leading global supplier for high and low acuity ventilators, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP, CPAP and more
  • PT Medical - Supplier of disposition services for retired medical equipment, sales of New and Used medical equipment, and full BIOMED Services for all medical equipment