Connect with a variety of table suppliers to save 10% or more on The Exc...

Hospitals in the OpenMarkets community buy thousands of tables a year, including imaging tables, surgical positioning tables, exam tables, utility tables and more.

Providers can save time and money by evaluating tons of table options on The Exchange.  Take a look at the 4 most populated table categories on The Exchange:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Exam 19 130
Physical Therapy 12 126
Surgical 24 170
Treatment 15 125

Kern Valley Healthcare in California used The Exchange to get quotes on 4 clinical exam tables from Clinton Industries. They were able to budget and spec the tables as well as get their quotes all on one platform, which made issuing the PO much easier.

By working on The OpenMarkets Exchange, providers will be seamlessly connected to leading table suppliers. These include veteran-owned Tri W-G, physical therapy specialist Dynatronics, and major manufacturers like STERIS. Some of the other table Suppliers on OpenMarkets include:


Biodex Medical Systems 

Blickman Industries

Brewer Company

Bryton Corporation 

Clinton Industries 

Direct Supply 



Image Diagnostics

Lakeside Manufacturing

Linet Americas

MAC Medical


Novum Medical Products


Peter Pepper Products

Quantum Medical


Tri W-G

Versa Tables


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