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It’s too easy for providers and suppliers to fall out of touch when discussing an equipment purchase, which is why it’s important to have responsive suppliers like Surgical Direct on your side! With a portfolio focused on endoscopes and a variety of surgical equipment, providers have many opportunities to connect with Surgical Direct

Surgical Direct has had multiple wins on The Exchange and is always on top of sending quotes to providers on time. They have found success with providers across the country, including a health system in Pennsylvania as well as a hospital in Texas. With every request, they make it a priority to respond to the provider quickly in order to get the Purchase Order (PO) moving along. 

Regarding an equipment request for an electric driver, Derek from Surgical Direct said “I am on it” and quoted the request the day after it was submitted on The Exchange. In another instance with a refurbished endoscope for the same healthcare system, Surgical Direct answered every question the provider had about the endoscope, including price, warranty, and shipping.  

Surgical Direct has a large product portfolio available on OpenMarkets, with over 1,800 different models including dissectors, laparoscopes, and graspers. In addition to selling, they also service their products, making them a great choice to connect with.

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