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Providers can purchase a variety of products on The Exchange, and one of the most popular products purchased are hospital-grade TVs! You’ll always need to be buying them….why not get the best price possible?

OpenMarkets is a one-stop-shop for your television needs, including categories such as:

TV Category # of Suppliers # of Models
Accessories 5 30
Commercial-Grade TV 4 61
Healthcare-Grade TV 10 100
Mount 5 31

We have 300+ product models from over 30 Suppliers in the TV category. Take a look at some of the products offered by MDM Healthcare, the nationwide one-stop-shop for healthcare TV products, systems and consulting services:

LV760M Hospital Grade ProCentric SMART with Integrated ProIdiom 

LV570M Specialized for the Hospital Environment 

Both models are safe and convenient for all users and have onsite 2 year Limited Warranties. 

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