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Graham, TX (pop 8,903) lies more than 2 hours from the closest metropolitan airport. The community hospital, Graham Regional Medical System, has just 29 in-patient beds. For many big equipment suppliers, this is “off-the-beaten path” and not a town likely to focused on by sales reps.

Yet patient care demands here are real. The doctors and nurses need the right equipment at the right price.

Billie Jones, materials manager at Graham Regional, recognizes her situation and began using The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM earlier this Fall to research products and connect to suppliers. She’s bringing the suppliers to her, on her terms.

And today she’s secured her first win through an efficient purchase of suture cart from Quantum Medical. This transaction began with an inquiry in The Exchange on Monday, and finalized today with the PO.

For these companies, this is a new way to efficiently work together. For Quantum, The Exchange has helped them to expand their portfolio at the hospital, quick and easy.

If your organization is looking for any healthcare carts, consider using The ExchangeTM to research the products and suppliers. To view propriety marketshare information on healthcare carts, visit