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Late last year a flurry of hospitals and health systems asked OpenMarkets the same question: can you help us sell our old equipment?

One of these was The Guthrie Clinic, the PA-based health system who uses OpenMarkets to manage their entire capital equipment procurement process. We thought that if we can help them learn about suppliers, manage the capital budget and buy equipment - why not try to help them sell equipment as well?

Flash forward to today and several providers are now selling equipment on The ExchangeTM. Here’s a snapshot of some of the products now available for purchase:

  • Toshiba Aquilion One CT Scanner
  • 484 B Braun infusion pumps
  • 3 Olympus endoscopes
  • Beckman Coulter centrifuges & rotors
  • da Vinci S Vision surgical robot from Intuitive Surgical
  • Forma Scientific lab freezers
  • Philips ultrasound HD-11
  • AGI infusion therapy recliners
  • GE Pro 1000 Dinamaps
  • Opti-CCA TS2 Blood Gas Analyzer systems

This is just a handful of the equipment products being sold on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM. Suppliers looking to purchase these items can contact us anytime at, and providers seeking to buy or sell equipment at OpenMarkets can visit to get validated and start today.