In late December, The Guthrie Clinic in Pennsylvania and Surgical Direct, an endoscope supplier based in Orlando, Florida, found a new way to team up on a transaction for an ultrasound bronchoscope.

The Guthrie team had twin objectives: work fast and save money. So they turned to OpenMarkets.

Using The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM, Guthrie’s supply chain team put in a rush request for comparative quotes against the direct offer from Olympus. They needed the exact model specified by the clinicians, and opted for connections to alternative suppliers, refurbishers and distributors. They were immediately connected to three suppliers and received the quote from Surgical Direct within hours.

Ultimately, the Guthrie team decided to purchase refurbished Olympus endoscopes through Surgical Direct. This saved them over $20,000, provided the exact product specified by clinicians and kept the supply chain team organized and on schedule.

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Ashley La Fleur

Ashley is on the content team at OpenMarkets. Her focus is to tell the story of how our customers are changing the way healthcare is... More about Ashley La Fleur